Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Work on the back Field

This is what our back field looked like before we decided to find the fence line and clear it. 

     We own this older tractor, but it is not set up to do what we needed to do, so we rented a dozer and cleared the field.

     Now we have a large burn pile!

                        Then we borrowed Bev and Dick Bortons big red tractor….it has a magic tool!

We used this to dig the holes….many many holes.

                                                                                         You can see that we used a very long string to keep the holes straight so the fence line would remain straight

                                                                                        .                .

 Straight lines make straight fences. We are almost done ….8 more poles it sink into the earth!

     The neighbors have all been cutting up the wood. We still have a lot of work to do…..I will update what it looks like when we are done.